Parking Lot Poems III


She’s always been a princess-

Daddy’s girl to diva.

Now she’s just lonely.

She’s gorgeous

and knows it.



* * *


He lives downtown in squalor,

sharing a space with mice.

Through tequila haze

he finds his way,

but can’t find

his own


* * *

First night

Mere hours after their promise

he fumbles with her dress.

He finds instead

the inside

of her


* * *

first time parents

First cry

It had been twenty-two hours

and still nothing to show

but pain, sweat and…pain.

Four hours later,


their lives


* * *


He’d worked there for fifteen years

and never a sick day.

Sitting in his car,

this was a day

he’d rather



11 thoughts on “Parking Lot Poems III

      1. Ah, but lessons need not be comfortable to be true, or to take root, do they? 😦 I found some affinity to this man right away, too – he is real. You wrote him into existence from a deeper place – and that makes your words real.

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