Wren Kenny Writes

As my wife and I dig deeper into this wordish life, me in the murky waters of life, spirituality, and poetry, she in the lives, loves, and capers of characters in her novel, I decided to add this page.

Wren Kenny is to be my wife’s pen name. Apparently she thought Rae, her real name, to be too short. Another letter adds 25% more weight and market heft. Regardless of rationale, I think it a fine name. The book(s) to which her name are affixed will be promoted here and elsewhere, alongside my own lit-fare.

To inaugurate this page, and in honour of National Coffee Day, I give you chapter 1 of her novel, “Miss Adventured” for publication in 2018. Bon appetit, or whatever it is someone says in these situations.

Miss Adventured – Chapter 1


One thought on “Wren Kenny Writes

  1. krazykiwi

    WOW — Wren Kenny — you are an amazing author! I love your first chapter. WHEN WILL THE ENTIRE BOOK BE PUBLISHED?? I’ll be your first customer, I promise. I hope this comes across as a compliment — but I’ll bet your sales exceed “Bridget Jones’ Diary”.

    I love your writing style — very readable (please read this as mega-kudos; as ASpies rarely read, let alone like, fictional books). I restrict my reading to mostly non-fiction. In fact, the only fictional type books I’ve been known to read are Edward Rutherford’s historically-accurate novellas and John Cleese’s recent autobiography “So Anyways…” – he’s hilarious!


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