Wob’s Worldwide Words

Welcome to my new page, Wob’s Worldwide Words (insert Elmer Fudd laugh here_________________________).

Uncle Bill S.

The longer I engage in this whole poetry thing, at times soul-nourishing, at others intimidating, even withering, I am led to concede my very small place in a very large crowd. That growing crowd of witnesses, words in tow, have guided and cajoled, stunned and satisfied, frightened and found me. I owe my love of words to so many so much better at the art than myself. But I also concede that I owe my growing facility with language to them and countless others I, herein, venerate.

Bob Dylan

This is also a place where I share still other places kind enough to publish some of my work, poetry or otherwise. Writers in general, poets in particular, are enigmatic creatures to say the least. We can be diva-petty and competitive one moment, dour sour-pusses the next; still the next, cheerful sowers of good things into the world. But, there is also a deep kinship with others who understand the sheer power of the great story drenched in multi-dimensional characters brought to life through well placed metaphors framed among just the right syntax, stirred to perfection with just the right wordy ingredients.

Robert Burns
Robert Burns

Besides here, you can find some of my work at the following places (with my note of profound gratitude to those willing to publish it):

Abbey of the Arts
Spring Arbor University
Conversations Journal

Relief Journal


Transpositions UK
Sober Blogger




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