“The Poet”

This piece by Kate Harris comes from a favorite blog of mine, Art House America, and is just too rich not to share here in my own little creative corner of the cyber world. I hope you glean as much from it as I did…and will for some time to come.


“Not simply because it reminds me of those happy, familiar sparks of gladness in my own heart, but more because it reminds me that the job of the poet — of the artist — while weighty and significant on a grand scale, is really first and foremost a work of invitation. The poet is one who toils and works and feels and sorts through all manner of things seen and unseen and then welcomes others in, beckons them, calls to them, “Come and see what I can see!”


     This invitation echoes a greater invitation by the first of all creators who begs us to see as He sees, to love as He loves. The poet, the artist-prophet, mirrors Him as closely as anyone — seeking to see rightly and truthfully, to give proper expression to that vision, and finally to invite others in to those experiences such that they might be changed. It is a worthy endeavor….The poet is one who gives us new eyes to see, who helps us make sense of what we experience, and who invites others to see more deeply into what it is that their experiences mean.

In the delight and joy of those who ever strive to see and tell, R


Photo: Steve Garber

4 thoughts on ““The Poet”

  1. Dear Rob,
    Last week I sought (in vain) a link to Art House. I forgot the ‘America’ part, and was frustrated by my attempts. I was ‘thinking’ about what Art House may offer up in the way of writer’s events, retreats, workshops, those things that I hunger for each year, but in new ways, and with a spiritual component that would feed both the intellect and soul. And now, you post this. With words that haunt because of their truth and their weighty implications (the poet… may I truly say that of myself, I wonder).
    Anyhoo… thank you, Rob, for posting this. Now I can follow up on my curiosity about AHA. Don’t you love the way the pink thread of the spirit continues to stitch together lives and words! xo LAE

    1. A friend of mine and fellow writer/blogger, Barb Lane, is on staff as intern with them. She first put me onto this site. I’ve been hooked ever since. Truly fantastic writing, thinking, perceiving, seeing…

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