Triangle poems II

I have to say, these triangle poems are a true delight. I strongly recommend them. They are a quick, simple and prayerful way of engaging whatever thoughts might be floating around up there in the amniotic fluid of our minds.

unity in reverse

Come to us this awkward hour

with pensive silt of home.

Woo our devotion

from love estranged

and tilt us




Was this what I signed up for?

To seal the deal with vows

never more to seek

what questions come

in places

dark but


sipping water

Crispy lips half parted now

to slurp what freshness comes

and slake this parch-ed

throat deserted,

now relieved;




Were it not for gut-deep cries

my soul might never seek

a breviary,


place for me

to find


kilted men

Knees of thunder now revealed

and thighs like knotted pine,

the wind now blowing,

just as you prayed

it would, for



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