soliloquy of grace

Oh love,

come from the borderlands to this home

and kiss me with kisses both cunning and strong;

lean in to embrace me with arms lean and long;

enshroud this one in the perfume of love.

Oh truth,

unleash the past of your future’s remembrance, near

to all whose hearts can see God’s salvation career

invade, invite, implant love’s tears

embranch this tree with budding truth.

Oh peace,

nest yourself upon this welcome bow,

where soft-shelled womb-free life lives now

and reaches, neck-stretched knowing not how

you enhance this life in food of peace.

Oh grace,

speak not to me, my toothless grin,

my face unseen, my heart wafer thin;

let love’s promise loosed reveal the dark within;

encourage this one with the gentle soliloquy of grace.

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