Triangle poems

In some rich conversation among friends on a new Facebook page, designed by friend and author, Valerie Hess, and dedicated to uniting the practice of spiritual disciplines with artistic expression, the subject of “triangle poems” came up. I was intrigued; enough to try my hand at a few. If you like these, try some of your own and share them with me/us. They’re quite delightful and very contemplative.

An Unsatisfied Satisfaction

Contentment has its uses

if choices don’t suffice.

I once felt a fire

where there was none

to remove

this one


Front Porch

I think I have a mem’ry

of something wide and strange,

with depth of field and

softness, wielding

timely smiles

and old


Staring at Sunsets

Shared, the wafting summer light

azure, orange, brightness

unfailing, obtuse

with promises

of happy-




Fit to tie and tangle-up

these buttons never fail.

Till recently when

I forgot to,

after lunch,

and they


5 thoughts on “Triangle poems

    1. Yeah, I really like trying my hand at different poetic styles and approaches. Haiku is quite fun and I recently posted a sonnet on this site also. Thanks for sharing these. Keep ’em coming.

  1. It’s a lot of fun to experiment with words and forms and shapes and different ways to use poetry, isn’t it? I’ve been trying a lot of different types of forms out lately too and been finding that poetry is the perfect wide-open format to explore ideas with!

    1. Melody, it’s so true. As you suggest, trying unique and different ways of poetic expression is very meaningful. It has provided many hours of prayerful fun for me these past few years. Try some of your own and share them with me. I love to read what others are working on as well. They always inspire me to keep digging deeper for the best words to say the best stuff.

      1. I’ve been cranking out a LOT of poetry on my blog, which has somehow morphed into a poetry blog to my great surprise. I hadn’t ever written much more than a piece here and there to mark a special occasion. Now I am writing for the sheer joy of it! HEre is the link to the shape piece I did recently :

        But there are lots there – rhyme, no rhyme, serious, fun, free verse, one I got into the shape of a berry! Lots to choose from!

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