Thank you, Mr. Lawrence

I have a new spiritual director. Her name is Lynn. She is a most perceptive lady, especially given how much I adore poetry. After our most recent spiritual direction session, she was compelled to send me this by way of follow up. Two things: find yourself an anam cara; a professional spiritual director or at least someone you trust to walk with you as you both walk with God. Secondly, look for the sacred in narrative and poetry. Next to creation and sacred writ, it is often the most meaningful manner by which the God of creation speaks to our souls.

So then, Lynn, thanks for listening so attentively.

Thank you, Mr. Lawrence for this poem which has always been a favourite.

Lord, thank you for both!

One thought on “Thank you, Mr. Lawrence

  1. Harry

    Thanks for the poem Sue. That is a good word picture of deep inner peace, though I must confess as to not being a cat lover. But I can substitute “cat” with “dog”. Works for me. I am reminded of the scripture, “Cast your cares upon the Lord, for He cares for you.” H.

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