Viral Dailies – Day 2

I’ve been looking forward to National Poetry Month. It’s one more thing to do in isolation! But, not just anything – something meaningful and hopefully, moving. I shared a new piece yesterday as we kicked off our month of poetic goodness together. Since then I’ve been reaching out to various poets and have invited them to share some of their best work with me so I, in turn, can share it with you.

Lesley-Anne Evans is a dear friend, fellow mystic and poet who has won numerous awards for her writing. Follow her on Instagram. Day 2 is a collage of short, refrigerator magnet poems entitled simply, “She Said.”





3 thoughts on “Viral Dailies – Day 2

  1. Dear Rob, thank you for extending your virtual hand and inviting me to participate in your NaPoMo share. I feel more connected today than I did yesterday, thanks to you, dear poet friend. Blessings and peace, Lesley-Anne.

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