National Poetry Month – April 18, 2019

I’ve always been a sucker for great English poets, or as some might call them, dead white guys. I thought this might be a wonderful offering for NaPoWrMo today.



2 thoughts on “National Poetry Month – April 18, 2019

  1. Hey there, dear brother! May I begin by extending our warmest wishes to you and Rae — and to say how much I loved this posting!

    Byron must have been a brilliant poet. And I wonder if he was an Aspie, as well. A deep thinker, not anti-social; but nature-prone. OK to be alone, with Self. Profoundly concise; yet cognitively verbose. “There is Society, where none intrude…” — gotta luv ‘em!

    Càisge Shona, Alan

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