Climbing up Arthur’s Seat

Arthur's Seat 5 copy.jpg

I took the long road today.

I scrambled up slow steps of the jagged, upward path-

leading to the thinner air and thicker place,

the craning neck of her yellow crown.


Then, for the first time, I saw.

I saw what others saw,

and failed to see.

And wouldn’t see.


I saw the rest.

And it was good,

so good that I came back down.

4 thoughts on “Climbing up Arthur’s Seat

  1. Krazy Kiwi

    I was drawn to “the thinner air and thicker place, Rob. So profound. I can well remember dropped off by helicopter atop one of the highest West Coast Mountains in Kingcome Inlet, BC Canada — purveying scenery few have the privilege to behold — standing on ground no one else may have trod — aghast at the unexpectedness & beauty that lay before my eyes. It is a “place” (space) where feeling closer to God is so real; so sublime. Thanks for the reminder! Bless you.

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