Wicks and Flames








A candle flame, unsteady, dances to an uncertain future.

Within it, secrets caked in want, wax-tomb-embedded

lay a still brighter flame to the still darker day.

Be still,

listen to how the dying light of Persephone’s

summer, brings the long wait of Demeter’s winter.

In the cold years of months when time drags her feet

and the wick is snuffed

to light a fuse – there hides a promise –

more wick, and an ember-lit flame.


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2 thoughts on “Wicks and Flames

  1. Tadhg

    Thankyou bro, for another thought-provoking piece. Mystery. Trepidation. Death. Hope. Life-cycle. Life. It’s all there, and more.

    Oh, and pomegranates!

    Well, you didn’t actually mention pomegranates, but your poem took me back and I’ve just remembered my last year of primary, when I was ten years old. Some ten years ago – cough, cough. Wow, would you believe some fifty years ago! Miss Peers got us to spend the summer term, in part, learning about the seasons and the story of Persephone and Demeter, and Hades. I’ve never been able to look a pomegranate seed in the ‘face’ since. You see what those things can do?

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