The day renders well her light to cast

The day renders well her light to cast,

comes, with hopeful glance, her tidings bring –

haunting dark, like some unholy past

soon yields his woe to this better thing.


Alone, but for his pale, waning grin,

he staggers backward in view of her;

never have his shaking knees remained

full upright. Now they buckle, unsure.


A formal respite, east is yearning,

stolen glances, her scent is bringing

laughter for those whose wild discerning

feeds upon this freshness glad, singing


songs, and dancers too are gathering,

all but mirth and cheerfulness disdains.

Soon, the fretful past’s unprompted sadd’ning,

forced to flee, and only light remains.


As daylight parts dark mystery’s curtain,

there, with courage, we must take our stand;

e’er the burden of mis’ry certain,

comes to pummel, firm, our heart’s command.


Still, with faith, our prayerful souls blazing,

God shall come to squelch what brings our fall;

must flee the night, our spirits’ hazing,

departed, then goodness we recall.


Now, cacophonous voice, full deafened,

silenced is the darkly strident pull

of that which, lying, steals our heaven –

God, his faithfulness, our promise, full.

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