A life in daydreams

Maybe just for today, you’ll rest here –

a kind of momentary thought

when the piercing buds of light

no longer feel so angry on your

porcelain skin.


There, you can sprawl out

your supine body fiercely breathing in

all hint of light, hiding behind shadows

of forbidden secrets.


There’s a kind of morning when

even the lusting sky 

feels just a little sad.

Not the way one feels after

the visit is over. But sad

like exhausted clouds, having spent

their strength in tears.


Have you ever seen a sun

like that? A passing daydream,

a life without shame or conscience?

The faceless orb, living in hopes

projected out to made up days,

crouched and intimidated?


Wait until the light passes

and scurries beneath the sheets

of another darkness. Maybe there

you’ll discover what’s been looking

for you.


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