Slip shod past The Wimplebee…Schloop was shloshed at Schniffery’s

Woodriff Schloop
Woodriff Schloop
Slip shod past The Wimplebee
goes Woodriff Shloop, at half past three.
This Shlizzmagora found his way
to Littleman’s Wharf, or so they say.
Then Woodriff’s portulimpical arc
sat still while still he could be park’d
at Donegal’s the story goes
to drink eleventy more of those.
Now, the dishlee, Griff Labasherimm
found Woodriff Schloop and asked of him
to kindly wait till half past three,
to slip shod past The Wimplebee.
* * * * *
Half a day and half again
since Donegal’s had seen the man
who trundled round the farberquim-
the porter claimed he’d not seen him.
And grumpy Griff Labasherimm
insisted he’d seen nowt of him.
Then near to half past quarter ten,
a-spied he was near Quibulen,
with characters of shifty sort
and women, or so they report.
His coat in tatts, his trousers torn
his nose a’blooded, face forlorn.
with scuffed up shoes and smudged up knees,
for Shloop was shloshed at Schniffery’s.

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