Amanuensis to a dream


Amanuensis to a dream –

a butler opening doors

with white gloves and

careless amusement.


Playing Pluto to Saturn’s

tune, the cloudless cosmos

settles in for dancing and drinks,

before retiring to deep.


All that is good drips heavy,

drunk on its own promise.

A shimmering green shrinks, succumbing

to the blue expanse, wan and

pilgriming. Empathy returns


to roost in harbor-homes,

and portraits replace selfies

gone bad. Smog gives way

to fog, sitting still, but

lifting for better songs.


Nothing more than minstrels,

casting notes like seeds on desperate

soil, pages of the best book,

written in our own history.


Image from here

3 thoughts on “Amanuensis to a dream

  1. Rob, I always learn words when I read your poetry 🙂 There’s some amazing imagery here. I love to visualize what I’m reading. Your writing is like brain candy for me in that respect! It’s making me want to play with the words with paint on a canvas and see what happens. That’s fun! (Nothing sadder than a selfie gone bad, by the way).

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