Surrender – a prayer

Here, in this place awash in daylight grace,

I live my entire life on the head of a pin

on which is inscribed a single word:


When todays are saturated in

a low, crawling, redeeming sadness:


When the all-pervasive pall of a greening grey

removes dead soul-skin and tastes

like eating raw sewage:


When the bitter pill of leafless desire

gets stuck in my throat and

stops up anything nutritional:


When the wafer thin moments

of happy times bought at another’s expense

rob me of me:


When my lover who shares

my bed, my skin, my guts, my hopes,

becomes nothing more than a side dish:


When, in convenience, I sidestep

responsibility to another

and choose the busy road of non-involvement:


When I’ve surrendered all I am and have,

all I’ve been and will become,

all that was, all that is and all that is not:


When I’ve surrendered all,

I gain the one thing,

the Pearl of Great Price,

the Lily of the Valley,

the One who is in all,

who is all

and who needs no introduction because…

my soul knows him.

One thought on “Surrender – a prayer

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