A Thursday Examen


Here, the light blows past my eyes

like breezes of sapphired memories

imploding into smallest beauties, personified.

* * *

Here, I escape Neptune’s icy breath

and settle in pillowed wonder

to gaze into the eyes of God.

* * *

Here, the small becomes greater

than the expanse of all

that seeks greatness above all.

* * *

Here, the silence sounds as one

the bells of never-ending music,

symphonic scenes of peaceful song.

* * *

Here, Heaven’s whispers are louder

than the screams of hell.

Among many voices, I hear but one.

* * *

Here, there live the deepest things,

their freshness, drained of dark and ill

point my seeking face toward Another.

* * *

Here, I’ve learned to stay and sing,

to sing the Day of days

when night, abandoned, disappears. 


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