undecided tributaries

 tributarythe salutary rocks push their heads up

to memorize the indecipherable dance

of their watery masseuse

* * *

engaged in the vespers of nowhere

each rippled stone, circled round

submits to the bubbling froth of baptism

 * * *

a gown of green straddles and teases

what cannot stop or even pause

long enough to see the changing garments

* * *

her purse of jewels the bedazzlements

of summer sprawl without shame

their unmirrored nakedness

 * * *

and for all that the river whispers

breathless words from running away

to itself just in time to meet again

* * *

I have seen this parting of ways

waters divided by the tiniest of islands

change a haughty river into

* * *

undecided tributaries

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