Bus stop

bus stop

The bus stop doesn’t care

about your grassroots polemic

of impolite rhetoric,

citing shrewdness or compassion,

scarcity or excess

fair play or “opportunity”

tradition or progress

pedagogy or bedtime story

the little indoctrinations

of little men with littler ideas,

whose vote can smell your wallet.

It stands, solid and unconfused

merely offering shelter

for folks just longing

for home.

6 thoughts on “Bus stop

  1. Rob, this poem is very neat. Your sense of humor shines through these words, but the truth to your words on the bus stop is also all very sound. I have grown up riding buses into Seattle from my home and passing some very dirty neighborhoods. The bus stop is a meeting ground, it is a drug dealing place, it is a comedy show, it is a resting ground, and it is a place where people have a common goal of getting home. From, Luke Bartlett

    1. Thanks, Luke. These little “forced communities” are fascinating places, kind of like elevators. We make them what they can be as we bring our unique quirks and sensibilities to them. It’s like…we’re all in this together, let’s have fun with it.

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