You might want to keep the kids out of the room while reading this one.







Her beaded skin befriended, welcomes this encounter;

her universe moist from moments

of close-folded intrusion, heaven’s mixture

of fluidic grace.

She stretches out arms long entwined

in the twisted briars of warm perfection.

Limbs, taut and tingling, simmer and sigh

and follow their own presence

to the unmeasured gardens of depth.

Protruding and driven like hunter’s arrow

the straight, hard road approaches a hinterland

and readily channels a hungry planting

in her shadowed lake.

Delivering a sower’s gift, there comes

the careful immersion of cries bursting in love.

Their song complete, the mingling of rain and soil

attached soul to soul, and in morning’s light

there emerges a tousled joy.


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