Sonnet for one seeking to find their way

lonely girl










All dialogue hid not her desp’rate groans,

instead were heard her pious reflections.

Since none could know what left her so alone,

from deep within her arose deflections.

* * *

When the way gets lost and roads are ending,

new pathways arise, revealing the way

to life’s redeeming freedom befriending.

Then it is tomorrow’s hope comes today.

* * *

Settle not yourself into the dark of night,

Lay yourself out upon God’s altar of light.



2 thoughts on “Sonnet for one seeking to find their way

  1. Rob, well done! This came at a particularly important time for me, as i was beginning to settle into the dark of night. Perhaps I’ll better find my way to the alter of light. Dan

    1. I’m glad it was timely, Dan. The challenge before us in the Christian journey is that, although God’s light and love are ubiquitous, they’re not always immediately apparent in our experience. This causes a disconnect but is squarely where the sharp edge of our formation does its best work. Be at peace, dear friend.

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