Shout Your Hosanna!

 A little late I suppose but still worthwhile I hope. This is a hymn text I wrote ten years ago for Palm Sunday.


Shout Your Hosanna!                                                                    

Music: Trad. Gaelic Melody (Morning Has Broken); Text: ©2003, Robert Alan Rife

Shout your Hosanna! Sing with elation!

Watch the Messiah humbly ride forth.

Loudly proclaiming, “Love rides victorious

into the city, Jesus is Lord”!


Shout your Hosanna! Jubilant voices!

Palms wave in blessing, enter the King.

Incarnate wonder, sits on a donkey,

let no one silence praises we sing.


Shout your Hosanna! Come, son of David!

Soon to be offered up for us all.

Power and glory, once were Your garment,

soon to be broken, Savior of all.

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