Porch Poems II

 Cigarettes and ice cream

Some things don’t fit together –

cigarettes and ice cream,

sex and TV Guide,

you and goodbye,

fear and love…



* * *

Football scores and cowboy boots

Football scores and cowboy boots

are how he learned to dream.

Touchdowns meant for us,

 and boots that fit,

are all he

needs to


* * *


Such a clanging song you sing,

invading our quiet,

pensive solitude.

You remind us

it’s alright

to sing,


* * *

Post pork ‘n beans

Filling up the stale, night air

and stealthy as a hawk,

come unwelcome sounds

fraught with danger,

poison stench;

our peace?


* * *

Starlight fantasies

Posthumous luminaries

pursue the evening sky,

Starlight fantasies

spill out their seed

and lighten



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