Porch poems I

the porch

Front Porch

I think I have a mem’ry

of something wide and strange,

with depth of field and

softness, wielding

timely smiles

and old


 * * *

Sunset Surprises

We’ve been here now for two hours

relinquishing our dust.

It falls like evening’s

slowing moments

fit for love,

this done


* * *

Banjo time

We came to sing and play tunes;

fingers itch to play and

puncture the fatigue

with notes that spray

our faces

with cool


 * * *

Too many stars

Too many stars are breathing;

unscented, sky candles

point the way to night

and solitude

and whisper,

“please don’t


 * * *

Counting costs

Little do we understand.

Here, we wait, embracing

what little we see.

How grandiose

these virgin

dreams, how


Picture from www.knowingthedifference.com

2 thoughts on “Porch poems I

  1. Well, well, well, the title porch poems was so understated I didn’t expect such lingering beauty… lovely little poems, and I like the idea of having a ‘rule’ to follow when composing… have to try that. “unscented, sky candles”, putting the comma where you did is so well done. Keep poetic my friend!

    1. Hey, thanks. Keeping the poetry, at times, equates to keeping the faith. Both require surrender, intentionality, courage, vulnerability, trust and liberal amounts of pain and discouragement.

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