Winter’s feeding

birds of winter








She picks at this and that, her beak sharp, her aim impeccable.

Her friends gather around her, cheering her on, or competing

for last year’s garden’s last release of freshness, slow dying.


She forages, undeterred by her bickering counterparts,

intent on stealing what little there is to glean.

Deep and hungry throats extend upward, awaiting


what choice morsels, newly culled from the stingy earth

are forthcoming; gathered gifts from a mother’s maw.

From small bits of winter’s old have sprung spring’s new.


Here it is we find ourselves,

deciding what goes and what stays

in our frantic efforts to stay the course of time’s uneasy, forward lurch.


How easy to stumble over the tiny nests

found hidden under forgotten branches of earlier efforts.

There, life and hubris kiss to produce our next steps.


This new precipice, the hungry days of leaning

into a grey wind with unseen destination,

cannot deter this year’s meal from last year’s waste.


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4 thoughts on “Winter’s feeding

  1. Rob, I love your writing! I know, I’ve said that before, so I’m sounding like a broken record. the words stir the hopelessly romantic side of me. Write more because it creates hunger in me!

    1. Many thanks, Diane. I’m always deeply gratified to know that even one other soul is touched by anything that comes from my creative process. Peace to you and yours in 2013.

  2. Gwen

    Yup. What Diane said. There are at least two of us. 🙂 Thank you for your time and dedication to your gift. Imago reflected.

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