Still time for Fall

The days and nights they tumble on,

one day’s toes on tomorrow’s heels.

She grunts and forces her way upon

those who see time as cogs and wheels.


The endless hours push and shove

and jostle in hooded robe and shoes,

that heedless plod till more’s not enough

to hinder pathways trapped in ooze.


To catch the minutes wand’ring past,

their wings so sprightly fluttering by

’tis hopeless hope this die we cast

to tame this time, though hard we try.


Then stillness in this world should we

be after, solitude, tranquility.

God won’t rush, transforming, He,

our hearts from panic to civility.


So, let these moments taken now

to pause, reflect, encounter all

be God’s release of furrowed brow,

and stop…to smell the Fall.

Thanks to Lois Keffer for the awesome photo from her own Photoshop collection.

5 thoughts on “Still time for Fall

    1. The great challenge for we mortals is learning to live in time and space with an immutable God who lives both inside and outside of time. It’s not that God is slow. We only perceive it that way. God teaches in slow-cooker style. In marathons rather than sprints. Sometimes frustrating. But, there it is.

      1. That’s so my experience, too – where I feel things need to hurry, He takes it slow. Where I am prepared to wait, He zooms! The thought of living outside the time/space continuum blows my mind!!

    2. This metaphysical reality helps me to conceive of a God who is at all time present to all people, everywhere, right now. “Now” is our limitation, not God’s. God is just as personally and actively involved in my life, your life, all lives right now at this very moment. It’s harrowing for our small minds but oh so rich for our growing spirits.

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