Look now, the hidden road


Look now, the hidden road denies these footsteps

their certainty, unsure though they wend,

through what little solid soil succumbs

to plodding, silent shoe-footfall.

Forward slowly, halting back apace,

how often my wayward way, the Way, ‘tis not.

These choking vines abort momentum,

spilling out on soft and silent stones

their devious designs along this rutted path.

A fog, a mist, a nightling now,

I deign to trust what lying eyes will tell,

list’ning instead for the rustling wind

some branch to bow and bend and brush my face

and share with me geography.

Unsteady though the way must be

my hands atremble reach for other hands

for, only then, does lostness find its way.

5 thoughts on “Look now, the hidden road

    1. Melody, the deeper I go in the Christian journey, the MORE I need others to walk with and guide and chide me, not LESS. Moreover, there is LESS not MORE of which I am certain. Only God remains.

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