More Haiku for you

Below is the universal symbol for Longing in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and Korean Hanja

Where else should I be,

but in this sacred presence;

to find my way here?


Once you did find me,

a broken, tear-sodden wretch;

and still you loved me.


One thing I have seen,

an onomatopoeia

has brandished this scene.


Once upon a time,

there shines a glittering light,

then and now and then.


When night is falling

into day from night before,

day has truly come.


Feed me on your flesh,

nourish’d from still deeper veins

and my soul starves not.


Still strings vibrating,

filling the air with sad songs,

and still we’re singing.


I can see your face,

time and space interrupted…

Can you see my face?


Mystic reverie

of clouds, unknowingly, pass.

Entranced in longing.


Satisfied am I

in a Eucharistic haze

of understanding.



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