There was this dog

To honor those who endure the loss of any dear, family pet.

For Skittles (and…)


Sullen cries, all joy despise

when blind even All-Seeing eyes –

there was this dog.


Turbid seas, invited see

what men in better times might be –

there was this dog.


Gathered moss, a grey-green toss

of silt and muck and sun-less loss –

there was this dog.


Darkened days, all hope a haze

delight could spare no time nor trace –

there was this dog.


When fortune called, new joy installed,

instead of dark, did grace befall –

there was this dog.


Unnerving sounds, made still hearts pound,

her swift, sharp sound brought courage found –

there was this dog.


Children’s songs, if one or thronged

her faithful joy to them belonged –

there was this dog.


Days alone, unwelcome won,

kisses, wet, when we got home –

there was this dog.


Time has come, when pipe and drum,

ne’er fully celebrates this one –

there was this dog.


There is this dog.

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