The future came and went

Is time dependent on that which we invent to measure it? Or is it merely how it is perceived? Is it what we build in, around, through and in spite of it? How different, really, are the past, present and future if we embrace none of them?


The future came and went far

too quickly to be remembered.

It left me with my foot stuck

in a borrowed door, jimmying

a lock on a broken chain

draped loosely over the sloping shoulders of

today. It ran past me backwards and

jokes still waiting for punchlines, mouthing words not yet spoken, songs still unsung,

How odd to see your own head from

behind. How disconcerting it is to

build wasted efforts, futile undertakings when

outcomes are clearer than their inspirations.

Mistakes made shame the steps

yet untaken. How lonely to stop

singing notes yet uncomposed in

company unmet with hands still

red from clapping out rhythms never danced to.


I want to think back with delight

on the future, lived, loved and

remembered in the mirror of these

moments spent writing of others spent,

yet to come – the moments reconstructing yesterdays.

But, alas, such is not our lot;

a die caught and counted before the cast.

Final pages on stories told

make little sense pasted in

the wrong book. Words, once read,

cannot be unread, only forgotten.

Horizons, once past, only open up more of the same,

yet to come. Horizons look the same

from every direction, once we awaken to

the great vast blue that envelopes us.


Only when we’re drowning is any shore

a welcome shore.


Pictures found here and here, respectively

4 thoughts on “The future came and went

  1. Wow, that was beautiful. The older I get the faster the future seems to come and go and I loved the part about “how odd it is to see your own head from behind.” I feel that way all the time.

    1. Joylynn, our time here is so much based on our perspective really, isn’t it? The watch, the clock mean nothing. What matters is how awake we are to the wonders of the right now. Then we need never feel the need to deconstruct our now in pursuit of some phantom future.

  2. I keep running backwards
    trying to catch up to myself
    Kairos and Chronos
    keep stepping on my toes
    where oh where have i
    misplaced my pocketwatch
    wobbly I’m fumbling
    somewhere on the road.

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