Flash Poetry… ready, set, GO!

My good friend and fellow lit-geek, Lesley-Anne Evans, has created a very fun little niche for herself in something she calls “Pop-Up Poetry.” It is only a small part of her total literary contribution. But it is one in which she has invited myself and any number of other poet wannabes to participate, share our words and, in so doing, have a blast. Go visit her at her website: http://www.laevans.ca and hang out awhile.

Lesley-Anne Evans

DSC_0087 Collaboration is invigorating, and when it comes to writing poetry, words from other sources at once challenge and enrich the process. Lesley-Anne has been experimenting with the collaboration potential of social media on her  Pop-Up-Poetry Facebook Page. For the past couple of weeks, Lesley-Anne has posted Call Outs asking Facebook friends to post words or phrases as comments, but only for a short period of time before closing.

Lesley-Anne takes all their submitted words, allows them to percolate until a theme emerges, then braids her own words into a new creation of poetry. The outcomes have been phenomenal. Participants are excited about it. Lesley-Anne sees the synergy and awakening to a new way of fast collaborative creativity as a fun means to build artistic community and challenge her writing.

Lesley-Anne will be sharing some of her Flash Poems at Inspired Word Cafe, this Thursday at the Okanagan Regional Library Downtown…

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