A writing thingy for gooder writing

Anyone who seeks to express themselves through words knows the inherent challenges to such an undertaking. I, along with many others, consider ourselves good “armchair” writers. I work at my craft. I read much to see how the really good ones place just the right words after just right words to build just the right sentence within just the right essay or book or whatever. I have a few favorites, specifically as a blogger, who are inspiring to me. Holly Ordway (be sure to follow her on Twitter) is one of those.

Holly Ordway

Her desire is similar to my own in weaving together the intersections among arts, literature, beauty and truth. She just kinda, does it real good. Her blog, Hieropraxis, is one of the best out there. She has always inspired me. I know you will feel similarly. Kelly Belmonte is another wonderful monthly contributor to Holly’s site. You can read her latest post, “Why writing is not writing”, here.

Peace, R

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