Parking Lot Poems V

airport line

At the airport

Folks who get there the latest

always have much to say

about the line-ups,

how slow they move,

and Muslims,



* * *

Speeding Ticket

Sometimes the best excuse wins.

“Officer, see this hair?

If it’s not perfect

by three o’clock

I’ll never

get the


* * *


“So, is that what you’re wearing?”

“Of course. What’s wrong with it?”

“It’s just rather…brave

to wear those stripes

with a body

that doesn’t



* * *


He sits and faces the door.

That way, people see him.

And that’s why he’s here:

just to be seen,

with laptop

and a


* * *

fart on the elevator

From the Elevator

A strange and heavy odor

now forces through the air.

Will someone claim it?

Just disdain it?

Add to it?

It was


* * *

Airport picture:

Elevator picture:

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