Let it be quick

Domestic violence is never an easy topic to address in any setting, let alone with poetry. And yet, where else should one seek to draw attention to the ugliness of the issue but through the beauty and precision of poetry? May these simple, unadorned words, reach into all of us and may we, together, be each others’ rescuers.

Let it be quick

The car screeches into the driveway, askew, radio blaring

and your hidden fears become visceral terror for what’s coming.

For hours now, neck craned, head cocked with ear against the door

your sweaty palms flat against the wall, you listen. Listen.

You flatten the wrinkles in your dress hoping against hope he sees;

he sees you,  not the face of his discontent, not the end game

of nights spent boasting of adventures never taken,

trysts only dreamed of in whiskey stupors,

of the feigned and faint glory days in High School hallway peacock parades.

“He doesn’t mean what he says”, you say.

“He’s just having a hard time right now”, you say.

“Oh, I just fell”, you say.

You agonize within, thinking tonight, just maybe, tonight…

he’ll see the girl who caused him to leave his hometown,

for you. Only you. Always you. That’s what he said at least.

You’ve parted your hair the way he likes

and even donned the Junior High barrette he insists is still sexy.

But as the door crashes open what little courage you’d mustered

scurries away like the mice living in your pantry.

And as the first fist comes, you pray:

“let it be quick.”

4 thoughts on “Let it be quick

    1. Robert Rife

      I even got concerned messages from those who felt it was somehow condoning it. REALLY! If it aroused ire and concern, my work here is done.

      1. melodylowes

        Good grief. One never knows what reaction will be stirred, or what people will choose to read into words, I guess – and like you say, at least if it aroused some gut emotion, someone was thinking about the issues at stake. It takes humans so long to be stirred to any action, sadly – and this is one area where SOMEONE needs to stand up and scream. Loudly.

      2. Melody, one of the folks in question is actually a friend of mine from my music conservatory days, oh, about a thousand years ago. He obviously has a real heart for these kinds of situations and meant any comments in redemptive ways. I am sometimes shocked at what comes out of my pen.

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