the intricacies of supple hearts – a guest post

Friend, fellow musician and writer, Dan Erickson, has kindly used a couple of my own pieces on his blog: I would like to return the favor with a couple of his own. I invite you to learn more about Dan at his site. The best way to get to know someone however is through their creativity. Hence, I give you this first offering by guest blogger, Dan Erickson.

the intricacies of supple hearts

(originally posted on July 7, 2012)

Once broken, it’s hard to remain soft,

like shattered glass most tend to cut

ourselves or others again and again.

It takes ten, maybe twenty-thousand days

for the fortunate few to mend:

less fragile, less frigid than before.

After years of abuse: some learn

to become unbreakable without hardening;

to love without fear of rejection or pain.

Our paths to pliability were weaved

intricately; our supple nature shaped

by something greater than ourselves.

Knowing this:

If two should meet and intertwine,

melting together while continuously

bending to and fro, the intricacies

of supple hearts, like water and wind,

create a bond that cannot be broken,

neither now nor in the age to come.

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