Here at Golden Spur

Golden Spur Ranchetta is the retirement hobby and home of my Mom and her husband Sam Young. It is a place of repose and quiet contemplation. It is also a place of rowdy jam sessions and tall tales told over mosquito infested backyard shenanigans. Perfect. Count me in.

Bare awake but sleeping sound,

outer still and inner, found,

goodness, grace and green abound,

here at Golden Spur.


Horses play where sunrise goes,

swishing tales and snorting nose,

oh, for strength like one of those,

here at Golden Spur.


‘Squitoes reap their dividends,

filling up their sorry ends,

they’ll be sorry in the end,

here at Golden Spur.


Faces known and seeds are sown,

too much beer, the story’s grown,

then it is the truth gets known,

here at Golden Spur.


Sleep like stone when darkness comes,

only light from lightening comes,

I see why they call this home,

here at Golden Spur.


One will hear when one is still,

that holy voice, the soul to fill,

and learn to love God’s loving will,

here at Golden Spur.


Here at Golden Spur.

4 thoughts on “Here at Golden Spur

    1. Thanks again, Lois. I forgot my computer charger at home. It was a blessing because I wrote a ton of poetry and other stuff. Lots more “Alberta 2012” poetry forthcoming.

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