Haiku prayers

The contemplative, Japanese poetic form of Haiku is one of many ways to seek inner solitude by way of simple, syllabic word constructions. They were designed to be composed and penned quickly, easily and deeply and then…tossed away like brittle leaves in an autumn breeze. There, they are caught by other breezes and float upward to God. The 5,7, 5 pattern is quite enjoyable and easy to learn. Try it and share some of your own.

I’m here to listen

To the beating heart of God

And hear the silence


Perfect in beauty

Shrouded in the mists of heav’n

You reign, exalted


Never ending one

See what no one else can see

Come, sweet intrusion


Come, save me, O God

Release me from my prison

That I might praise you


When separation

Comes to lonely, seeking souls

You share our longing


How can I untie

What knots of sin lie beneath-

That you, alone, see?


Guide with compassion,

Lead un-wholly hearts to cry

And, finally, see


Can you see them now

In suff’ring, never-ending?

Great One, release them


Never have I seen

The shining face of our God

So full of yearning

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