We are a little over halfway through National Poetry Month. What I should have done with this last submission was ask you to share some of your poetry specific to this particular time in the Christian calendar – that in between place of post-Easter-pre-Pentecost. Feel free to share your poetic thoughts as well!

Rob's Lit-Bits

We are now post-Easter in what, historically, has been called “Eastertide.” With our post-resurrection eyes we have the benefit of hindsight and a big picture view of Easter week events. I should really reflect more on that and probably will. Instead, I share a bit more about the Saturday before the Easter event. If we can remove ourselves from what we now know and envision ourselves among those first disciples, we can perhaps grasp a little better the dramatic change from a Saturday despair to a Sunday hope.


Be – in – tween


It seems an eternity for what promised eternity

to wrest itself from dark and dank and deathly cell.

Yet hours have passed, not days and still can’t be

how you would show us life before death you fell.


Everything we gave and more to stand as one

in your reverie of newness, in time…

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